46-Year-Old Woman Loses 154 Pounds, Wins Mrs. Alabama And Becomes Model

January 12, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Hartselle, Alabama.

Dana Bradley, a 46-year-old woman from Hartselle, has recently been crowned Mrs. Alabama International in her debut pageant.

Bradley, a mother and homemaker, embarked on a remarkable journey after her doctor's warning four years ago.

good News Alabama
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Motivated by the tragic loss of her own mother due to neglecting health, Bradley took charge of her well-being. Since 2020, she has shed an impressive 154 pounds through a combination of diligent workouts and a balanced diet.

Bradley said she lost her weight naturally through hard work and diet, and she's now working to become a certified personal trainer. Her transformation has already attracted some clients who trust her.

Mrs Alabama weight loss
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"What makes me different than the regular health coach- I've struggled, I've been overweight," Bradley said. "I have navigated a lot of the obstacles that these people that I coach are going through."

As Mrs. Alabama International, Bradley's platform centers around fitness and wellness. In February, she will walk in New York Fashion Week as a model for Marc Defang and is set to compete for Mrs. International in Kingsport, Tennessee, in July.

Dana Smith Bradley Mrs Alabama
@mrsalabamainternational2024 / Instagram

"Today I love seeing the transformation, the amazing story that unfolded in my life, all because I put myself first," Bradley said. "I love seeing how much my body, my face, my skin, my happiness, my mentality changed as I took control of my health. Ultimately my entire life.

The before photos I do have are my most valued possessions. I am so proud of who I was and how hard I worked to give me the healthy life I have today.

That girl on the left, she was tired, exhausted, stressed, anxious, heavy set girl - SHE is my absolute hero and I love her so much. I’m very grateful to her every day for believing in herself to make those powerful changes."

Watch the good news video below.

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