Glass Vase Bought At Goodwill For $3.99 Sells For $107,100

December 19, 2023

Today's good news story comes from Richmond, Virginia.

Jessica Vincent, a keen-eyed thrift store enthusiast, stumbled upon a hidden gem that turned out to be a valuable piece of art.

cheap vase at goodwill sells for 107k

Vincent's discovery began with a visit to a Goodwill in Richmond, Virginia. As she browsed through the shelves, a particular glass vase caught her eye. Intrigued by its unique design, she decided to take a chance and purchased it for a mere $3.99. Little did she realize that this vase held a secret history.

Upon bringing her discovery home, Vincent observed a petite "M" on the vase, which she speculated represented Murano, the renowned Italian island celebrated for its glass factories. Eager to unravel the vase's origins, she shared a photo of it with an Italian glass collecting group on Facebook. The group promptly recommended reaching out to Wright Auction House in Chicago, citing their extensive experience in hosting Italian glass auctions spanning over a decade.

Vincent received confirmation from the founder of Wright Auction House, Richard Wright, that the vase was crafted by Carlo Scarpa, a distinguished Italian architect. The glass masterpiece belonged to Scarpa's exclusive "Pennellate" series, designed in the 1940s. The name "Pennellate," meaning brushstroke in Italian, aptly described the technique employed in crafting these exquisite pieces.

The "Pennellate" series is characterized by the intricate process of adding colored opaque glass during the blowing of the piece, resulting in a mesmerizing brushstroke effect. Scarpa's innovative approach made these pieces exceptionally challenging to create, contributing to their rarity and high value.

Bidders from around the world vied for the chance to own a piece of Scarpa's artistic legacy. The rare vase was sold to an unidentified private art collector in Europe for $107,100.

"The money means so much to us and will do so much for our lives and for our future together," Vincent told Southern Living. "This has been a real blessing, and I’m so happy that the vase is going somewhere where it can be safe and fully appreciated."

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