Canada Bans The Import And Export Of Elephant Ivory And Rhino Horns

November 29, 2023

At a news conference in Ottawa, Canada's Environment Minister Stephen Guilbeault announced a ban on the domestic trade of elephant ivory and rhino horn, as well as the import of hunting trophies containing these products.

canada bans ivory trade
Image by Marna Buys from Pixabay

Since 1980, the number of elephants in Africa has fallen from 1.3 million to approximately 415,000 — a decline of 70 percent, and rhinoceros populations continue to face threats to their survival, Cision Canada reports.

"With the fast decline of African elephant populations and threats to rhinoceros populations due to poaching, Canada recognizes the importance of further limiting elephant ivory and rhinoceros horn trade to Canada," Guilbeault said in a press release.

These new, stricter measures will result in the prohibition of the import and export of raw elephant ivory and raw rhinoceros horn with very limited exceptions (i.e., where destined for a museum or zoo, use in scientific research, or use in support of law enforcement), and prohibit the import of elephant ivory and rhinoceros horn hunting trophies. Also, permits will now be required for household items and personal effects of worked elephant ivory and worked rhinoceros horn.

"Stricter regulatory amendments announced today will ensure Canada continues to do its part to protect these iconic species for generations to come," Guilbeault said.

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