Single Mother Of 6 Gifted Car Fixed Up By High School Automotive Tech Students

October 30, 2023

Today's good news story comes from Louisa County, Virginia.

Automotive technology students at Louisa County High School have dedicated their entire year to restoring a vehicle.

On October 19, a single mother of six children received the fruits of the students' labor.

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Credit: WVIR

The Giving Words initiative played a pivotal role in making this car donation possible. The nonprofit helps single mothers overcome crisis events such as car repairs that might otherwise destabilize families.

Casey Hollins, a representative from Rappahannock Electric Cooperative, contributed $10,200 to Giving Words to help make the gift possible.

"I can completely relate to the needs of this mother, and it's a truly touching experience," Hollins told WVIR, having been a single mother herself.

Michelle Mendez expressed her gratitude, acknowledging the profound impact of this gift on her life.

"They've truly been instrumental in helping me obtain this car. It's been a real struggle. I sincerely appreciate everything that has made this possible," she said.

Mendez further explained, "Having this car enables me to easily transport my children to their various commitments and ensures I can commute to work, allowing me to fulfill essential tasks."

Watch the good news video below.

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