Officer Rips Off Vest, Sprints Into Water To Save TWO Swimmers In Rip Current

September 22, 2023

A Florida police officer is receiving accolades for his swift response in rescuing two distressed swimmers caught in a rip current on a Tuesday afternoon.

hero police stories
Officer Dylan Coffman / Credit: Flagler Beach Police Department

Brooke Qualls, a witness to the incident, expressed her amazement at Officer Dylan Coffman's actions, stating, "Seeing him go out there and how quick and efficient it was, [it's] just amazing seeing that."

Qualls had just finished her shift at Tortugas in Flagler Beach when she observed Officer Coffman spring into action.

"Literally watched him SPRINT out of his police car, ripped off his vest, and dove into the water and save not one, but two people who were extremely, so far back in the water, stuck in NASTY rip currents," she said in a Facebook post.

hero police stories
Credit: Flagler Beach Police Department

Sean McSweeney, another witness in the vicinity, was equally moved by the officer's heroic actions.

"I'd never seen anything like it. It was shocking, yet heartwarming, to witness a first responder react so swiftly, and it was truly remarkable," he told Fox 35.

The Flagler Beach Police Department shared Qualls' photos of the rescue to their Facebook page and thanked Coffman for going the extra mile.

"Protecting & Serving comes in many different ways, and thanks to Brooke Qualls for capturing this photo of Officer Dylan Coffman from the Flagler Beach Police Department in action as he responded yesterday to two (2) swimmers caught in a dangerous riptide. Thanks to Officer Coffman’s efforts, the two (2) swimmers were successfully returned to shore uninjured! KUDOS Dylan on going above and beyond to make our City safe!" the department wrote.

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