Customer's $10,000 Tip Leaves Staff At Mexican Restaurant In Tears

September 21, 2023

A group of diners at a Salt Lake City restaurant left the staff in tears after surprising them with a jaw-dropping $10,000 tip.

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Monarca Dining / Facebook

Steven Harward, a regular at Monarca in Salt Lake City, visited the Mexican restaurant last Friday with a group of approximately 20 friends. After enjoying their meal, he reached into his pocket and pulled out $10,000 in crisp $100 bills.

"They we're about to leave, they said, 'Hey Alfonso, can you come with your crew, we want to thank you because we have a great time.' And I said, 'Of course!'" Monarca owner Alfonso Brito told WTHR.

The heartfelt generosity from Harward and his friends was not only touching but also deeply meaningful to Brito.

"When we moved to America, we had nothing to our names. We had twenty dollars in our pocket and we started working in the restaurant business as dishwashers," he said.

Brito took to the restaurant's Facebook page to express his gratitude to the customers for their act of kindness.

"At Monarca we wanted to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude for the incredibly generous gesture to our staff. A $10,000 tip left us all in awe and filled our hearts with immense joy.

An act of kindness goes far beyond what words can express. The impact of the generosity extends not only to our staff but also to their families and our entire community. This kindness act has not only lifted our spirits but has also provided us with the means to continue striving towards excellence in our culinary endeavors.

Gracias from the bottom of our hearts. Your extraordinary act of generosity will forever be etched in our memories. We are truly blessed to have people like you in our community. Con todo el Corazón. Las Familias de Monarca."

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