40 People Lift Bus To Free Man Trapped Under Wheel

September 18, 2023

In a remarkable incident in Berlin, a young man narrowly escaped a life-threatening situation when he became trapped beneath a bus.

Despite the harrowing circumstances, he miraculously emerged with only minor injuries, thanks to the collective effort of around 40 individuals who came together to perform a heroic rescue.

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Bus in Berlin / Pixabay

The 18-year-old found himself pinned beneath a tire of the bus's rear axle after a mishap while attempting to catch the departing bus at a local stop on a Monday afternoon. The quick response of the bus driver, who promptly halted the vehicle, coupled with the assistance of approximately 40 people, including both passengers and bystanders, led to a remarkable feat.

Together, they managed to elevate the right side of the bus sufficiently to free the young man from his perilous predicament, as recounted by the authorities.

Frank Kurze, one of the courageous volunteers who participated in the rescue, recalled the chaotic scene, stating, "I saw the men trying to lift the bus, and it was clear to me that I also had to help lift the bus and attempt to extricate the young man from underneath."

Nearby medical professionals from a healthcare facility in the Spandau neighborhood of Berlin swiftly arrived at the scene to provide vital first aid. Michelle Rueckborn, one of the responding nurses, shared their impromptu response, saying, "We were at work when we heard screams, and our boss looked out of the window and saw what had happened, and said 'Take the doctor's case and run.'"

Despite the frightening ordeal, the young man sustained minor scrapes, bruises, and an arm injury, as reported by the police. Sandra Grunwald, another nurse on the scene, mentioned, "He was responsive but very perplexed and didn't know what was happening."

While reports from n-tv suggested that he had been discharged, Berlin police remained without further updates regarding his condition.

The Berlin police department commended the collective efforts of those involved in the rescue as "heroes" and expressed their gratitude on social media, stating, "Thank you, Spandau, thank you, Berlin."

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