A Blind Woman Asked For Help And Was Told 'That's Not My Job'. So This Officer Stepped Up

July 28, 2023

A commuter witnessed a NJ Transit police officer going above and beyond the call of duty to assist a blind woman in need.

police officer helps blind woman
Officer Sean Gallagher / Credit: NJ TRANSIT POLICE

The commuter told NJ Transit police that the blind woman asked an employee from another agency for help but was turned down after being told, "That's not my job."

That's when she saw Officer Sean Gallagher walk over to assist the woman.

"I walked over and asked her 'what's wrong how can I help you?' and I immediately noticed her eyes were closed," Officer Gallagher recalled.

The woman told him she needed assistance getting food and coffee and that she was feeling faint.

police officer good news

Officer Gallagher gave her his arm and the two navigated Penn Station together. They talked along the way and he ensured she secured her food and coffee.

Gallagher told News 12 that she was very thankful for his help.

"We share this act of kindness as a great reminder," the NJ Transit Police said. "Even a small gesture can make a positive difference in someone's day."

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