Grandpa's YouTube Channel Gains Nearly 500,000 Subscribers Due To Stranger's Act Of Kindness

July 11, 2023

A wholesome grandpa on YouTube has gained nearly 500,000 new followers thanks to a small act of kindness from a stranger.

grandpa reads the comics
Grandpa Reads the Comics / Top right: Cole Caetano

Cole Caetano is known for finding and promoting content creators with little to no followers and skyrocketing them to fame.

Cole recently stumbled upon the YouTube channel "Grandpa Reads the Comics" -- which had about 200 subscribers -- and the videos were only getting 2-3 views each.

The channel's "about" section reads:

"I love to read the comics to my kids and grandkids. Since the Coronavirus, I haven't been able to read to them. I can play the banjo, the ukulele, the piano, and ping pong, not any of them that good, but good enough for a Grandpa. If you need a Grandpa or want an extra Grandpa, join us."

Caetano fell in love with the videos and posted a short montage of the channel (below) on his social media accounts.

"So I was randomly scrolling through YouTube videos with no views," he wrote.

@karvetv Grandpa Reads the Comics❤️ #wholesome #grandpa #comic ♬ Married Life (From "Up") - Sergy el Som

In the first 24 hours, "Grandpa Reads The Comics" reached over 100,000 followers.

As of today, the channel has more than 484,000 subscribers.

"If there was a Mount Rushmore of people who have helped my life, you'd be on my Mount Rushmore buddy," Grandpa told Caetano.

@karvetv Replying to @karvetv “You’d Be On My Mount Rushmore Buddy”❤️ #wholesome #hopecore #grandpa ♬ My Way - 2008 Remastered - Frank Sinatra

In a recent interview, Caetano was asked why he helps unknown content creators.

"I truly do get joy from what I do," he said. "There's honestly no better feeling than helping someone else out."

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