An Angel On Earth: Bus Driver Changes Kindergartner's Life

June 17, 2023

"There's a reason why Mr. Charles was brought here, and there's a reason why he's driving Bus 220, and Kameron is the reason."

A school bus driver in Berkeley County, South Carolina, has managed to make a profound impact on the life of a kindergartner.

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Mr. Charles and Kameron / Credit: Berkeley County School District

Kameron, a kindergartener at Cane Bay Elementary, was having trouble behaving in class earlier this year. He was in the principal's office several times a day almost every single day, his mom Kelly Eisenberg said.

One day, Kameron's teacher Stephanie Williams walked him to the bus early before the rest of the students were dismissed. She asked the driver, Charles Frierson, if he could come on the bus early because Kameron loved school buses.

"He sat down and we started talking, and, it just went from there," said Mr. Charles, who recently switched school districts to drive for Berkeley County.


From that day on, Kameron's good behavior in class was rewarded with getting to sit on the bus early and spend time with Mr. Charles.

"He will work all day long and he will behave and follow all directions all day long to have five minutes with Mr. Charles," Williams said.

"And ever since that day, there's not been a problem. He's been fantastic and wonderful," she said.

Mr. Charles and Kameron regularly have McDonald's and ice cream dates. He even attends Kameron's baseball games on the weekends.

"I always believed angles come when you least expect them," Eisenberg wrote in a letter. "This holds especially true in regards to Mr. Charles, the bus driver of school bus 220 of Berkely County South Carolina."

"It has always been said that it takes a village to raise a child, yet one to make a difference. Mr. Charles has absolutely made the difference in my son," she said. "I would like him to know how much we truly and absolutely appreciate him for who he is and what he has done for my son."

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