Shaq Surprises Family With New Washer And Dryer At Home Depot

June 16, 2023

NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal made an unsuspecting family's day when he generously purchased a brand-new washer and dryer for them at a local Home Depot store.

The unexpected encounter unfolded earlier this week, leaving the family in awe.

shaq buys family washer dryer home depot
@TheNBACentral / Twitter

Shaq went to Home Depot to film a music video for his new song, "I know I got it," when he bumped into two women walking the aisles.

"What are y'all buying?" he asks them.

"We are buying a washer and dryer," one responds.

"I'm gonna pay for it," he says.

Last August, Shaq told PEOPLE that giving back to his fans when he meets them in stores is one of his favorite things to do.

"My favorite thing to do is when I'm in Best Buy, Walmart, if I see a kid, get them something that I see he's looking at," O'Neal said. "Like yesterday I saw a couple kids. I bought a couple bikes, a couple more scooters."

Like the time he bought an engagement ring for a stranger he met in a store.

Or the time he bought a large family a new van.

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