Local Police Officers Go Above And Beyond To Celebrate Young Boy's Birthday

May 29, 2023

A group of local police officers joined forces to create an unforgettable birthday surprise for a young boy in Maine.

cops show up at kids bday party
Scarborough Maine Police Department

About a month ago, Myles Roman went to the Scarborough Police Department and dropped off an invitation to his birthday party.

"He dropped off an invitation inviting the ENTIRE POLICE DEPARTMENT to his birthday party!" the department wrote on Facebook. "Myles' mother told us how excited Myles was to have special guests come to his party, so of course, we couldn't let him down."

Several officers - including Tucker the K9 - as well as members of the Scarborough Fire Department attended the celebration on Saturday.

"Myles and his friends were very excited to see the police cars, fire trucks, ambulance and obviously K9 Tucker! Sgt. Flynn presented Myles with some birthday gifts (Paw Patrol of course…) and Ofc. Greenleaf brought some Scarborough PD SWAG for Myles and his friends," the department said.

The Scarborough Police Department also gave Myles a tour of the station.

"Ever since, he's always saying he wants to be a police officer," Myles' mother Alyssa said.

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