Teen Saves Baby After Car On Fire Crashes Into Bus

May 4, 2023

A brave teenager rescued a baby from a bus hit by a burning car in West Vale, England.

teen saves baby from crash

Aleira Kiran, 18, was on the bus with around 40 people when it was crashed into by a car on fire last Wednesday.

"I was upstairs at the front and all I could see was flames. It was like something out of Final Destination," Aleira told the local news.

"Then we started hearing gun shot noises and it was the tyres bursting."

Aleira said everyone panicked. As she was rushing to get off the bus she saw two women with a baby who were struggling to get off because of the mayhem.

"One of the women was saying 'Someone needs to take my kid'. She was in tears, so I took the baby and put my hood up to shield her," Aleira said.

teen saves baby from crash
Aleira Kiran

The mother finally managed to get off the bus and thanked Aleira.

"It all happened so quickly," Aleira said. "Hopefully I'll never be in a situation like that again."

Aleira's father says he's proud of his daughter.

"We're so proud of her. She has always put others first," he said.

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