Caitlin Clark Is A 'Cheat Code' In Philanthropy, Says Food Pantry

April 5, 2023

Caitlin Clark is a cheat code on the basketball court.

She might be a cheat code in philanthropy, as well.

The Iowa Hawkeyes player has taken the basketball world by storm with her incredible achievements this year.

Clark's 191 total points set a new record for a player in a single NCAA Tournament -- men's or women's. She became the first player in tournament history -- men or women -- to have a 40-point triple-double.

She's also doing great things off the court.

After legislation passed in 2021 to allow college athletes to profit off their name, Clark was approached by a local food bank.

Coralville Community Food Pantry executive director John Boller told The Athletic last week he reached out to Clark through her uncle as she appeared to be the biggest name on the Iowa sports scene at the time. Boller said there were intentions to pay Clark for everything she did on behalf of the food bank but instead the 2023 National Player of the Year worked for free.

"I'm not going to lie. Things have been really hard around here for the past three years. People are really, really struggling just to gain access to one of the most basic human rights, food," Boller told The Athletic. "The families who are turning to us for support are just going through really hard times. So to have an interruption where we get to connect with this incredible person, who just so happens to be one of the most incredible basketball players that we'll ever see in our lifetime – to have her step foot in the building and to link arms with us in this way to do some good – it was just really special."

This year, Coralville Community Food Pantry partnered with Clark again to help raise $22,000.

"Between March 22 and April 22, Caitlin is encouraging all basketball fans to make a $22 donation or more to help local families who are facing food insecurity," the pantry wrote on their fundraiser page.

They reached their goal on March 30.

"People refer to Caitlin as a cheat code in basketball. And to me, I think she's proven to be a cheat code in philanthropy, as well," Boller said.

"I think she's the greatest thing to happen to the state of Iowa in a long time."

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