Woman Rescues Lost Dog On Busy California Freeway

February 20, 2023

A dramatic dog rescue on a busy Los Angeles freeway was caught on video.

woman rescues dog from highway
Credit: ABC News / YouTube

Nurse Amber Streid was among the good Samaritans who stopped to save the puppy.

When she pulled over and opened her door, the dog hopped right in.

"For some reason he just went right in," Streid said.

"A couple in a truck started clapping, and some guy in a white van started clapping. Everybody was just happy that someone was able to get the dog," she said.

Streid said she noticed right away the lost pup had suffered injuries to its paws.

"She went right to my feet, and got blood all over," she said.

The dog was treated for minor injuries by a vet, who scanned the pup for a microchip, but nothing was found.

Streid said she is hoping the dog can be reunited with its owner, but is happy to help care for the animal.

Watch the video below.

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