This Woman's Unexpected Christmas Gift Had Me In Tears. Religious Or Not, You Will Love This

December 25, 2013

Reddit user Twisted_Villa recently got into a car accident and has been struggling with depression. Out of the blue, a young girl knocked on her door yesterday and said, "I wanted to bless you this Christmas. Have a merry Christmas!"

She handed her an envelope containing this letter and $220 in cash.

christmas surprise

It's very common for churches to do a big fund raiser and then get the people (in this case the kids who did the fund raiser) to nominate someone to receive gifts/money. Basically, this girl stood up in front of all her friends, family and peers and gave a speech as to why she felt this person deserved the money.

"It means a lot to me knowing I'm important to some people somewhere. I'm not religious but I still have a lot of respect for whoever thought I deserved this. This is what Christmas spirit looks like." ~ user Twisted_Villa


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