He Thought He Was Just Buying A Bag Of Mulch. What He Did Next Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

December 2, 2013

A man near Tampa, Florida cut open a bag of mulch to discover that inside was much more than mulch; a baby squirrel still breathing. The defenseless creature appeared to be just days old.

baby squirrel in mulch

He decided to raise, "Zip", and documented his progress. Initially he had to force feed the little guy...

baby squirrel raised from mulch

Once Zip began eating on his own, this is how he looked after a big meal.

baby squirrel in mulch

His eyes finally opened.

squirrel in mulch

baby squirrel

The bond began to grow strong


Here he is begging for a blueberry


And finally, Zip enjoying the warm sun beams

baby squirrel

Not sure how Zip got into the bag in the first place, but...SQUIRREL!


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