We Love Miracles... And This Is Definitely One Of Them

November 30, 2013

boy awakes from coma to hug dad

This is the precious moment caught on camera after 16 year-old Ryan Smith woke from a four month coma. Ryan was hit by a van while riding his bicycle to work.

His father sat by his bedside every single day after hearing Ryan might not survive.

dad sits by bed

Ryan's sister, Rachael, photographed these heartwarming moments after he opened his eyes for the first time in what seemed to them like forever.

"It was an unbelievable moment - which is so hard to put into words," said Mark, one of Ryan's medical aids. "To go from being told he might not survive to holding him in my arms was just a moment I will cherish forever. It was the best hug I'd ever had, it felt incredible."

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