5th Grade Football Team Does Something Incredible After Discovering Their Water Boy Was Being Bullied

November 24, 2013

danny appreciation day

A fifth grade football team rallied around their 1st grade water boy after discovering he was getting picked on for his speech impediment and choice in clothing.

6 year-old Danny Keefe speaks with difficulty due to childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) and chooses to wear a suit and tie to school every day.

The football team held "Danny Appreciation Day" where they all wore suits and crowded around Danny cheering his name as if in a football huddle.

danny appreciation day

The best part is this was organized by the kids, all on their own.

"We heard that Danny was getting picked on, so we thought that we would all have a day to dress up like Danny...to show Danny that we love him," one student explained as he wiped away tears. Watch the heartwarming video below.

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