Boy Leaves Candy For Others When He Finds Empty Trick-Or-Treat Bowl

November 4, 2021

A doorbell camera captured a young boy's act of kindness on Halloween night.

Dylan Suiter was out trick-or-treating on Halloween when he came across a house with an empty candy bowl.

That's when he decided to reach into his own bag and leave a handful of candy for other kids.

His mother, Sarah, didn't notice him do it and they continued trick-or-treating. But when she got home and went on Facebook, she found she was tagged in a post on her local community page.

The post showed a doorbell camera video of Dylan adding candy to the bowl.

"Who would have thought one random act of kindness would have got this much attention! One proud momma and makes all the times you think you're failing as a parent put into perspective that we are doing something right," Sarah said.

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