Lion Forms Incredible Bond With The Two Men Who Saved Her Life

November 21, 2013

men save lion

A 100 pound lion has developed an incredible bond with the two men who saved her after she was rejected by her pride as a cub.

Conservationists Valentin Gruener and Mikkel Legarth are working hard to save the lion population in Botswana, Africa. Increased farming in the area is bringing lions and humans into more and more conflict.

bond between lion and humans

The lion, named Sirga, treats her adopted parents as if they were one of her own. With their help, she can now hunt all on her own.

"We didn't want Sirga to become like other lions in captivity, constantly fed by streams of tourists. She only interacts with me and Valentin," Legarth told the Dailymail. "She hunts her own food, taking antelopes and she will let us be near her when she eats it which is remarkable."

lion and man bond

The bond between the three is enough to warm even the wildest of hearts.

lion and man bonding

lion saved by two men

lion hug

lion cub


lion hugging parents

lion with adopted human parents

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