Losing A Leg Didn't Stop Bree McMahon From Chasing Her Dream. One Of The Most Inspiring Sports Stories Ever

November 18, 2013

For Bree McMahon, soccer was a way of life. It meant the world to her.

bree mcmahon soccer player

But tragedy struck in her senior year of high school.

While raising money for her team at a car wash, Bree was in an accident that put her in a six day coma. Bree was saved, but her left leg was lost in the battle.

bree lost leg

It took a lot of hard work, but the accident didn't stop her from chasing her dream of playing college soccer.

Her first milestone was taking her first steps at Senior day. She walked across the field and hugged her friend and teammate who was responsible for the accident.

first steps

With her eye on the prize, Bree spent countless hours in physical therapy while enduring numerous surgeries.


And for the first time, she finally ran again. It was the happiest day of her life.

bree mcmahon running

After arriving to soccer camp in a wheelchair and a walker, Bree took the field for the first time in a real division 2 soccer game at Brevard College.

bree mcmahon

bree mcmahon

"You can be the person who feels sorry for themselves. You can be the victim. Or you can be a fighter." ~ Bree McMahon

Never give up on your dream, no matter what happens to you along the way.

Source: ESPN

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