Student Headed To Harvard Gives Her $40,000 Scholarship To A Student Attending Community College

June 10, 2021

A Massachusetts high school senior heading to Harvard has asked that a $40,000 scholarship she earned be given instead to a student who needs it more.

verda tetteh
Verda and her mother / CBS News

Verda Tetteh will be attending the prestigious Harvard University in the fall on a full scholarship, but she knows how a community college can change someone's life, as her mother attended one at 39.

So, when she won an additional $40,000 scholarship from her high school at last week's graduation ceremony that could be used for expenses, the 17-year-old asked that it be given to someone who is attending community college.

"I am so very grateful for this but I also know that I am not the one who needs this the most," she told graduation attendees.

"And knowing my mom went to community college, and how much that was helpful, I would be so very grateful if administration ... would consider giving the general excellence scholarship to someone who's going to community college."

Her mother cheered from the crowd.

"I was just happy, I stood up and started shouting so loud! I was afraid those in front of me would be like, 'Why is she that loud?' But I was so happy with her decision," her mother told CBS News.

Watch the video below.

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