Two Teens Praised For Friendship With Special Needs Classmate

June 1, 2021

A photo of three Oklahoma teens at their high school graduation is going viral for all the right reasons.

One of the students has Down syndrome, and all three have been close friends since kindergarten.

2 guys befriend girl with down syndrome
Credit: Kevin Moore / @t__bird1

Dena Fabian-Moore says Pryce Jackson and Kyran English were two of the many students who were a saving grace for her daughter Madison Moore.

"Pryce and Kyran, in particular, have always gone out of their way to check on Madison," Fabian-Moore told Fox News. They "have kind of been her protectors".

It's a bond goes all the way back to kindergarten, when Madison was first integrated into regular classrooms -- something her parents pushed for so she could receive "the best education" possible.

Ever since, Jackson and English made it a point to eat lunch or walk with her if they saw that Madison was alone. During field trips, they would stand by her side or even hold her hand.

"They don't look at her as a kid with Down syndrome," Fabian-Moore said. "They just look at her as [a] friend."

As a "thank you," Madison's dad posted a photo on Twitter of the three of them side by side at their high school graduation. The caption read:

"These 2 fine young men have watched out and have been friends with my daughter since kindergarten."

The post has garnered over 800,000 likes.

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