5-Year-Old Makes 200 Cards For Seniors In Local Nursing Home

January 12, 2021

A 5-year-old girl handmade 200 New Year's cards for residents of a nursing home in New York.

girl sends New years cards to seniors
Aryana Chopra / Credit: Nitin and Shachi Chopra

Aryana Chopra said she wanted to spread a little holiday cheer to those who could not be with their families.

When Aryana's mother, Shachi, saw that her daughter was hard at work designing the cards, she called a local nursing home and asked how many residents lived there.

"They told me the number was 200. I went back to Aryana and asked, 'Will you be able to make 200 cards? She was like, 'Yes, Mommy, I can do that," Shachi recalled.

"For her, at a little age, to be thinking this way, my heart totally melted."

girl sends New years cards to seniors
Credit: Nitin and Shachi Chopra

So, Aryana Chopra spent two weeks drawing rainbows, snowmen, and kids holding gifts for the residents of Willow Point Nursing Home in Vestal, New York.

She took the project further and decided to spend all the money she had in her piggy bank to buy a gift for the nursing home, too.

"She wanted to get a cake but the cake was not allowed because of the pandemic," Shachi said. "So we got a Santa Claus statue and a big vase."

good news nursing home

"All of us here at Willow Point want to give a special thank you to Aryana Chopra for her care and generosity for our residents," the nursing home wrote on Facebook. "Aryana has spent days make beautiful hand made cards for each one of our residents. You are going to bring so many smiles to our residents. Thank you for you generosity of cards and your special gifts."

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