Hero Dog Saves Owner From Choking

October 3, 2013

Todays Good News story is about a heroic dog's incredible actions that saved a woman's life. If it wasn't for the dog's instincts and quick thinking, she wouldn't be alive today.

Eight-year-old Samantha is Candace Lines' constant companion. She helps Candace, who is disabled, with tasks around the house and recently her training really kicked in.

"All of a sudden I started choking," said Lines.

She was able to signal Samantha to get her medical alert bracelet.

"Like that. Grab it, don't bite it," Lines said.

That day though Samantha sensed something was wrong and DID bite the bracelet, which alerted Alliance Security.

"System armed stay."

An operator at a Dallas call center immediately responded to the alarm.

"She says 'Are you okay Ms. Lines? Are you okay?' And I couldn't speak, so Samantha barked a couple of times and they knew that was the problem, it was a real serious problem," she said.

When emergency crews arrived Lines was on the floor unconscious. They got to her just in time.

Not only did Samantha know what to do with the bracelet, but she answered the phone when Candace's husband called, so he knew something was very wrong.

Candace never imagined anything like this would happen to her, but she's not surprised Samantha stayed right by her side until help arrived.

"If it hadn't been for Samantha, like the guy said, I would have been dead," Lines said.

Good News Source: WTNH.com | Photo: Screen grab

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