Good Samaritan Leaving $100 Bills in Oregon Grocery Store

September 26, 2013

Attention shoppers: We have a good Samaritan leaving $100 bills in various items around the store.

It appears a kind soul has been leaving cash in various stores around the Salem, Ore., area, including a Fred Meyer grocery store and a Wal-Mart, where customers have so far found more than $2,000 worth of $100 bills. They have reported finding $100 bills inside egg cartons, candles and inside boxes of cookies and ice cream cones at multiple locations.

"I opened it up and a $100 bill fell out, just like that," a male shopper identifying himself as "Phil" told TODAY Wednesday after finding the money in a box of cookies. "There were three boxes left, so I turned them over and lo and behold, there was another $100 bill."

"When we got home, they were getting their ice cream and lo and behold, they come running out and were like, 'We found a hundred dollars,'" one female shopper told TODAY. "I'm like, 'What? This cannot be real.'"

It remains a mystery as to who is leaving the money, but the bills have been verified as real. The money is helping strangers in a need of a little bit of luck. Phil is putting it toward the cost of his daily trips to visit his girlfriend, who has renal failure, at a hospital in Portland.

"Twenty bucks in gas each way, it's kind of come at a very opportune time for me," he said.

The anonymous act of kindness has inspired the same in others.

"I think my kids and I are going to try to decide to do something with it to pay it forward," the female customer said.


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