Brave cop handcuffs himself to suicidal woman on ledge to save her life

August 19, 2013

This is the heart-stopping moment a police officer saves the life of a suicidal woman by handcuffing himself to her and throwing away the key.

The desperate woman had climbed to the top of a bill board on a concrete wall in Beijing, China.

But her plight quickly attracted the attention of bystanders and police arrived to try and talk her down.

When one of the officers was talking to her, he decided the only way to make sure she did not jump was by handcuffing himself to the woman.

As the woman hung from the ledge the officer put the metal cuff across his wrist and the connected it to the woman.

cop saves suicidal woman

And in a determined bid to make sure she realised he was serious about saving her, he then threw the key over the ledge so they could not be separated.

'She knew then that if she died she'd take someone with her and that seemed to bring her back,' said one officer.

Police then used a length of rope to pull the woman off the sign, as she dangled above a sheer drop to the concrete pavement held by just her wrist.

They then pulled her back onto the building as anxious onlookers watched the scene unfold.

'It was a very brave act. We had no idea if she would jump or not,' said a police spokesman after the rescue.

They did not reveal why the woman wanted to kill herself.

Source: | Images: White hotpix/

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