Plato's Closet Employee Finds $7,000 In Coat Pocket, Gives It Back To Owner

October 24, 2019

A large stack of cash is back in the hands of its rightful owner after a Plato's Closet employee in Valparaiso, Indiana, found it in a coat pocket.

store employee returns 7000 dollars
Jennifer Kimes / Credit: ABC 7 News

Jennifer Kimes says she was going through her normal routine of inspecting clothes when she felt cash in a coat pocket.

"I mean, sometimes you find gum, or a picture, or a grocery list," Kimes told ABC 7. "You don't find $7,000 in a pocket."

good news

Kimes said she immediately put the money in a safe spot in the register and called her boss Tammy Wendland, the owner of the store.

Later that day they reached out to the owner and brought it back to him. They said he had hidden the money but forgot that he had placed it in that pocket.

Wendland said the man was "overwhelmingly grateful."

"Doing the right thing is rewarding intrinsically," Wendland added. "It makes you feel good inside to do the right thing and there's really nothing as special as feeling good inside."

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