6-Year-Old Opens A Lemonade Stand To Take Mom On A Date After His Dad Dies

July 27, 2019

A 6-year-old in Denver opened a lemonade stand to raise enough money to take his mother on a date after his father passed away.

kid lemonade stand to take mom on date

Brady Campbell's father passed away a few weeks ago after a battle with stage 4 colon cancer.

Brady said he and his dad came up with the idea for a lemonade stand.

"To take my mom on a date. Because I didn't have enough money and I wanted to pay. So I did it," the 6-year-old told WWLP.

The day after his father passed away this 6-year-old followed through on his promise to take care of his mom.

kid lemonade stand to take mom on date

His neighbors and friends came by in the crowd caught the attention of a Denver police officer once he heard Brady's story, he put out a radio call to other first responders.

Fire trucks and police cars started rolling up.

Brady raised $244 that day.

Watch the video below.

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