18 Of His Late Dad's Fellow Officers Surprise Teen At Graduation Party

June 21, 2019

Micah Schieber was 6 years old when his dad, Chad, collapsed and died while running the Chicago Marathon in 2007.

Chad was just 35 years old and left behind three children.

He served with the Midland City Police Department in Michigan, and his brothers in blue supported the Schieber family over the years.

So when it was time for Micah to celebrate a big milestone of his own, he wanted them to be there, too.

"I just thought it'd be cool to have a piece of my family and my dad at my graduation because that's something I'll always miss," Micah told WJRT.

Midland Police Chief Cliff Block said that he had no hesitation.

"I knew we'd do something to make it happen. I had the honor of working with Chad Schieber," he said.

Eighteen police officers came to the teen's graduation party, making it truly a moment to remember and helping him honor his late father.

Watch the video below.

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