Thousands Of People Donate Hand-Knitted Bird Nests To Rescue Group In Need Of Help

May 8, 2019

When the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue group in Indian Trail, North Carolina, posted a plea asking for knitted and crocheted nests for their baby birds, they never expected such a wonderful response.

baby bird nests

The rescue group has received hundreds of packages full of baby bird nests and handwritten cards. Some of the letters read, "please let us know if you need more nests," or "please keep us updated on the baby birds."

The packages have come from as far away as Canada and Japan.

"It's just so great that people go through and make the effort to try and help like this. It's a great reminder for us that people care," said Bayleigh MacHaffie, a wildlife rehab specialist for CRW.


The rescue group calls March "baby season" since this is always the time of year they see a sudden increase in abandoned or injured baby birds.

"In the past, we've gotten in around 3,000 (baby birds) in the summer. It's a lot of songbirds," MacHaffie said.

MacHaffie added that the nests are important for the baby bird's development because if they don't have a nest holding them in when they grow, their legs end up getting splayed out.

Watch the video below.

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