Woman Writes Heartfelt Tribute To McDonald's Employee Who Made Her Day

March 7, 2019

A woman who realized she forgot her wallet after ordering dinner at McDonald's was so grateful to the employee who paid for her meal that she penned a tribute to him on Facebook.

"This handsome young man is Jeremiah," Aundrea Duncan wrote.

mcdonalds employee pays for womans dinner

"Friday was a long day at work, I didn't get a lunch.

After leaving the barn around 9 I stopped by the McDonald's in Reading, OH to grab some dinner. I ordered my food but realized as I got to the window to pay, I had left my wallet at work. I told this young man to cancel my order.

His response was 'it's ok ma'm I got you' he then took his wallet out and paid for my meal. What an amazing young man! We hear so much about what's wrong with the world I had to share a little of what is right.


I am just now posting this because I wanted his permission and I wanted to repay him for his kindness.

I asked him if I could hug him and told him to keep being who he is because he is an amazing person.

He didn't know how tired I was or that I hadn't eaten or even if he would be repaid but he didn't even bat an eye and just acted."

Duncan said she made the post public not only so the message of his kindness would spread far and wide, but so McDonald's might give him some sort of recognition.

"His mom also reached out thanking me," Duncan told Yahoo Lifestyle, "which was nice because as a mom of two young men I wanted her to know what he did for me and that she is doing something right. As moms we all need to hear that."

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