Powerlifter Lifts 2-Ton SUV Off Man Trapped Underneath

February 19, 2019

A powerlifter in Michigan is being hailed as a real life super hero after his quick actions helped save a man pinned under a rolled over vehicle.

Ryan Belcher, 29, was preparing to leave work last Thursday when he heard a loud crash outside his workplace.

He noticed an SUV flipped upside down, and he rushed outside toward the wreckage. Ryan said there was a man trapped under the vehicle begging for help.

Belcher, who is 350 pounds and can deadlift over 800 pounds, recalled thinking at the time, "this is where I need to be. All the training I've been through... this is the time where it's really going to pay off."

But the Jeep Cherokee he was about to try and lift weighed roughly two tons.


"I just jumped right in," Belcher told Fox News. "I seen a window that was broken out of the back of the vehicle and I knew if I can swing the vehicle in a certain direction I can free him from that pole. So, I just stuck my arms in and I don't know I just grabbed it, lifted it up and started pushing and all I heard was that's enough we can get him."

The man Belcher saved and another woman suffered serious injuries in the crash. No fatalities were reported.

On Sunday, Belcher went to the hospital to visit the man he helped rescue.

"I got to meet Montrell tonight!! He's the most positive person considering his circumstances," he wrote in a Facebook post.

Belcher's son calls him the Hulk, but he said he's uneasy about hero comparisons since Thursday's incident.

"To say that I'm a hero, I don't know. But I'm glad to have been there, and I was put there for a reason," he said.

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