High School Football Player Lets Friend With Cerebral Palsy Make College Announcement

December 20, 2018

"The only disability is a bad attitude."

Hanahan High School tight end Cooper Dawson chose to play football at Syracuse University, but he let his friend Kingsley Feinman make the big announcement.

Dawson and Feinman have been friends for years, but became closer over the last year as Dawson rehabbed from a knee injury that forced him to miss his senior season at Hanahan High School.

Feinman, who has cerebral palsy, inspired Dawson with his positive attitude and prevented him from feeling sorry for himself as he recovered from his torn ACL.

"If he can come around every day with this big ol' smile on, I can do it just the same," Dawson said.

Dawson eventually became one of Feinman's aides. Their friendship soon included movies and even a prom date of sorts.

That led to signing day, where Dawson hatched his plan to include his best friend in the big moment.

Watch the post-announcement interview with Dawson and Feinman below.

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