Mom Saves Boy Being Chased By Angry Turkey

December 13, 2018

A Wisconsin mother came to the rescue of a boy being chased down the road by an angry turkey – and it was all caught on video.

Vanessa Miramontes was sitting in school traffic when she saw the bird in hot pursuit and decided to rescue the terrified boy.

"You just saw this kid's eyes completely bugged out. It felt like forever, like one of those Baywatch where the kid is running in slow motion down the beach, you could just sense the poor kid's fear in the vehicle," Miramontes said.

She felt she had to do something to help before the child ran in front of oncoming traffic to escape. She veered her vehicle in front of the turkey, which cut off the angry bird off from its prey.

Although she managed to slow it down, Miramontes said the turkey took off running full speed after the kid again. But another vehicle stopped and took the boy safely home.

It turns out the turkey, named Smoke, is known in the community and is even the official "mayor" of Ashwaubenon.

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