Random Act Of Kindness At Restaurant Makes Family's Night

October 2, 2018

A family in South Bend, Indiana was caught off guard when a stranger offered to pay for their entire dinner at Taphouse on the Edge.

stranger buys dinner for family of 8
Credit: WNDU

"This gentleman stops by, taps me on the right shoulder, and I look over there and he's at my left shoulder and he says hey dad, I love your family, dinner's on me and left this card, it had 200 dollars on it and was out the door before I could realize what was going on," said Matthew Cloud, the father. "I was just really shocked, normally I have a lot to say and I was really sitting there looking around going really is this happening to us because it’s not something that normally happens."

The family of eight can often have a hard time juggling everything, so the act of kindness meant a lot.

"Just pure joy for us to be able to sit and relax and have a wonderful time and not have the bill that night, it was wonderful," said Nicole Cloud, the mother.


Nicole said she often tries to carry out small acts of kindness like paying for police officers and first responders if they're in the drive-thru behind her.

"It was a nice teaching moment for the kids that we're always telling them to do good deeds and to pay attention to other people in the neighborhood, say hello, have a friendly face, and when you can, be considerate and kind to someone," Nicole said. "To have that come back in full to us was a wonderful example to be able to have the children witness."

Watch the video below.

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