Facebook Users Help Photographer Find Mystery Couple After Capturing Proposal

September 24, 2018

Lindsey Crouch was at a friend's house for dinner when she received a text from her fiancé that read "CHECK FACEBOOK!"

A few days earlier, Crouch's boyfriend, Tae Cho, had proposed to her on the beach in Seaside, Florida.

Photographer Heather Swanner was also on the beach that day for a family photo shoot when she spotted the proposal in action.

"So, as I was shooting my last session on the beach, we noticed the sweetest couple getting engaged just down the beach from where we were shooting," Swanner wrote on Facebook. "I shot a few pictures of them but then realized that they had family hiding behind the dunes with cameras, so I moved on and finished my shoot quickly before it started raining."

proposal captured on beach
Credit: Heather Swanner Photography

"Now, as I am going through the proofs, I wish I'd gotten their contact info so that I could send them the pictures. If you happen to know this couple (they got engaged in Seaside, FL last Friday night), please pass my info along to them so that I can send them their pictures!"

proposal captured on beach
Credit: Heather Swanner Photography

And it worked. It only took a few hours, and a few hundred shares, to make its way to Knoxville, TN, where the couple lives.


"I was shocked," Crouch told AL.com. "I started crying and immediately emailed Heather who sent me all the pictures she captured."

Swanner said she gave the couple the photos as a wedding gift.

proposal captured on beach

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