Local coach and contractor serves free breakfast to the homeless every Sunday

May 20, 2013

Little league coach and local contractor, Scott Budnick, spends every weekend serving free breakfast to the homeless.

Every Saturday, Scott and his wife peel over 75 pounds of potatoes in preparation to feed hundreds at United Methodist Church in Providence, Rhode Island the next morning.

Budnick started this project with his wife, but now has plenty of volunteers, including the homeless themselves!

"Early on we realized that people want to be useful," says Budnick. "Thirty or fourty people from the street help out every week, whether it's cooking home fries or pushing a broom."

Budnick's friends and neighbors have joined the cause and now prepare hundreds of servings themselves. Many of these families have multiple kids of their own but still find the time to help others.

"Families with kids, they feel like they don't have any time," Budnick says. "But there's always time."

As the breakfast grows each week, more and more locals are join the cause. Those who don't volunteer their time are donating money and food. Local schools and restaurants amongst many, and even a chain retailer who recently donated 250 sets of silverware.

"We can all give back in some way," says Budnick. "If I'm down, I hope somebody else would be there for me."

Full Story: Christian Science Monitor  |  Image: Ann Hermes, CSM Staff

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