Police Officer gives bike to teen who walks to and from work

May 10, 2013

18 year-old Cristian Felix walks 6 miles to and from work at a fast food restaurant in Pheonix, Arizona. Due to the late hours of his shift, there are no buses running and he does not drive a car.

Phoenix Police Sgt. Natalie Simonick was patrolling the area one night and noticed Felix was out very late walking around. She pulled over for a curfew check to see if he was underage.

"It's really not a safe area, there were no residential homes or businesses. It was kind of desolate out there so I asked if he wanted a ride, he said sure," said Simonick. "I asked him if he ever had a bicycle, because that's a little safer than walking."

Felix told the officer he has never ridden a bike before. Simonick was quite impressed with his initiative that she decided to give him his first bike. She had an extra bike at home and talked with her husband about teaching the young man how to ride.

"We brought him to the precinct and we taught him how to ride in the parking lot," said Simonick.

Not only did she give him his first bike, but bought him a bike lock, a light, and a helmet.


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