Researchers Find Giant Bullfrog Tadpole In Arizona Pond

June 19, 2018

At the Southwestern Research Station in Portal, Arizona, there is an initiative to remove invasive bull frogs from ponds. During the removal process they found a tadpole of gigantic proportions.

giant bullfrog tadpole goliath
Goliath the tadpole | Credit: Earyn McGee/Twitter

Photos of the tadpole were posted to Twitter by Earyn McGee, a PhD Student at the University of Arizona, who is studying how lizard communities may be affected by stream drying.

giant bullfrog tadpole goliath
Banana for scale | Credit: Earyn McGee/Twitter

According to McGee, he is still alive and growing.

They named him Goliath.

giant bullfrog tadpole goliath
Goliath is alive and growing | Credit: Earyn McGee/Twitter

They do not expect the tadpole to undergo metamorphosis due to a hormonal imbalance. They are studying Goliath further to determine the cause of the imbalance.

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