10 year-old with terminal illness uses his upcoming birthday to feed the hungry

May 6, 2013

10 year-old NaSeaph Williams is battling a terminal illness but used his 11th birthday as an opportunity to feed the hungry.

NaSeaph suffers from Bannayan–Riley–Ruvalcaba syndrome, a very rare genetic condition that is weakening his heart, muscles, and lungs. It is impossible for him to walk on his own. Yet instead of wanting video games and toys on his birthday, he is helping others.

Laurel McAdoo, founder of Myles of Smyles, and Erin Musto, founder of Maddie's Mark, put together NaSeaph's birthday party after meeting him at a recent charity event. At the event, McAdoo learned about his upcoming birthday and asked him what he wanted for it.

"He said he wants everybody who comes to his party to bring a canned good and to make a donation to the food pantry," said McAdoo. "I said 'OK, what do you want for you?' He couldn't come up with anything."

NaSeaph explained that he wants to collect food for the hungry because he and his mother have received help from others.

According to NaSeaph's mother, Billie Young, this is a common request from NaSeaph. Last Christmas, he used $60 of his own money to buy toys for children at a homeless shelter. She says his only wishes are to own a wheelchair van for transportation to the doctor, be free of pain, meet NFL quarterback Tom Brady as well as WWE star John Cena.

Source: Times Union | Photo: Cindy Schultz / Times Union

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