Las Vegas man gives 100 free meals to strangers in one day

April 29, 2013

Marcus Mitchell has dedicated the past four years of his life to 'paying it forward' and gave 100 free meals to strangers walking the Las Vegas strip on Thursday.

Mitchell used his own money to purchase the meals for strangers at Fresh Grill and Bar. Many people did not believe it was real and ignored his offer. Some respectfully declined, but that did not stop him.

"You do something kind for a stranger without expecting anything in return, with the understanding that one day you'll go off, pay it forward to someone else, you'll remember this kind act," Mitchell said.

Mitchell made a promise to his wife four years ago before she passed away from stomach cancer. In the past four years, he has spent over $40,000 buying strangers gift cards, concert tickets, hotel rooms and more.

Here is Mitchell's description on his Twitter page:

"Before my wife died, we enjoyed the Casinos/Comps/Shows etc. together. Now I give them to YOU!"

It's all worth it to Mitchell knowing that one person he makes smile will do the same for another.


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