7 year-old asks birthday guests to bring shoes to donate to Africa instead of presents

April 15, 2013

For her 7th birthday, Makenna Burchinal of Bismark, North Dakota asked her guests to bring a pair of new or used shoes to donate to children in Africa.

Instead of opening brand new toys at her birthday party, Makenna piled up stacks of shoes preparing them for a long trip overseas. While most 7 year-olds dream of having all the toys in the world, Makenna is already thinking about helping others.

According to a party guest, Makenna's idea came from a commercial on TV showing less fortunate kids overseas.

Makenna's father, Josh, was very proud of his daughter's generosity on a day planned to be all about her.

"It was pretty surprising," Josh said. "I asked her if it was somebody else's idea and she said it was hers."

Over 50 pairs of shoes were donated to God's Child Project and various other local charities.

Source: Bismark Tribune

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