Taxi driver returns lost iPhone 5, refuses to accept monetary reward

April 1, 2013

A New York City taxi cab driver found a brand new iPhone 5 in his back seat after transporting a man form Madison Square Park to Upper West Side.

Mohammad Riyaz noticed the expensive phone and returned it to it's rightful owner.

"Money is nothing to me. This is what it's all about," Riyaz said about helping others.

The owner of the phone's wife, Marie, claims Riyaz refused a reward. Marie and her husband tried to offer Riyaz $80 for his act of selflessnes.

"What can I do to get you to take it?" she told Riyaz. "And the guy wouldn’t take the money."

Riyaz claims he returns cell phones, iPads and other expensive electronic devices on a regular basis. He believes his reward is knowing he did the right thing.

"If I died today what's my money going to do?" he asked. "If I do something good now then when I die good things will happen in the next life."

Source: New York Post

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