Chain Restaurants' recent acts of kindness go viral

March 28, 2013

Famous chain restaurants have been making headlines lately with their generous acts of kindness.

The Olive Garden recently paid a family's dinner bill after finding out their house had burned down. The manager of an Olive Garden in Illinois stopped by a family's table asking how their dinner was going. The 3 year-old at the table blurted out, "Grandpa's house burned down."

After asking a few more questions about the incident, the manager decided to give the family a discount, after all they could use a break. The discount resulted in a $0.00 check.

olive garden paid billThe father of the 3 year-old posted the picture of the receipt to reddit and the story went viral.

This is not the only chain restaurant making headlines this week for being kind to their diners!

A Chili's in Utah helped a family by fixing a "broken" cheeseburger.

Anna MacLean took her little sister Arianna out to lunch at Chili's before going to see the Easter bunny. Arianna, who is autistic, received her cheeseburger sliced in half. To Arianna, this cheeseburger was broken,

The waitress over heard and immediately played her part.

"I was like, 'Did we bring you a broken hamburger?' And she (said), 'yeah,' and so I told her we've got another one coming on the way in just a second," the waitress told Utah local station KSL 5. "I offered her some French fries to munch on while she’s waiting."

The picture of Arianna kissing her "fixed" cheeseburger has gone viral on Facebook, having been shared over 190,000 times.

broken cheeseburger fixed Chili's


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