Opposing baseball fan gives game ball to young home team fan who missed the catch

March 22, 2013

A young Arizona Diamondbacks fan named Ian unselfishly gave a souvenier ball tossed by a Milwaukie Brewers player to a very upset Brewers fan.

The young Brewers fan was tossed the ball from his home team hero but he missed it. It went past him and landed in Ian's cap, who was excited about having a game ball to take home.

After seeing how upset the Brewers fan was for missing his opportunity, Ian returned down the steps to the boy and handed him the game ball. The video was caught live during the game. Announcers couldn't believe it.

Here's play-by-play of the moment from announcers Daron Sutton and Mark Grace:

Sutton: "Are you kidding me, this kid is going to do this?"

Grace: "That is big time, right there!"

Sutton: "Oh my goodness!"

Grace: "What a nice young man!"

For his generosity, Ian was rewarded with a trip to the announcers booth, tickets to a future game and an autographed bat from Justin Upton, his favorite Diamondbacks player. Of course he had no idea that he would receive this when he gave away the ball.

Faith in humanity restored.


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