When This School Principal Has To Cancel School, He Does It With Flare

January 19, 2018

The principal at Union Pointe Academy in Florence, Kentucky, has gone viral for the hilarious video announcements he posts on Facebook whenever he has to cancel school.

For the past three years, Chad Caddell said he's been creating parody videos and once he became principal, he brought that same energy and sense of humor with him.

So, when he had to announce three school cancelations in January due to snow, he decided an email or text message wouldn't do, he'd have to sing.

First up was Mariah Carey's "Hero":

Next was Garth Brooks' "Friends in Low Places":

And for his most recent announcement, he channels Taylor Swift:

"I am going to start following this page so I can keep up on the snow day's, even though I live in Phoenix Arizona and did I mention I don't have (cough) kid's ...," commented one Facebook user.

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