Hero Officer Performs Life Saving CPR at Atlanta Gas Station

March 7, 2013

Linda Tyler and her brother were on her way to the hospital after her son Keith Haynes was having trouble breathing. While driving, her son stopped breathing completely.

In a desperate attempt to save her son's life, Linda Tyler pulled into a BP gas station after spotting a police car.

Tyler and her brother ran into the gas station finding Atlanta Police Officer Christopher Simmons.

"The lady was pretty upset about her sone having some medical problems...screaming he wasn't breathing," Officer Simmons told reporters.

It was raining outside, so Simmons followed the two to the car ,grabbed her son and brought him into the gas station.

Simmons began performing life saving CPR. It was several minutes before Simmons saw signs of life.

Paramedics arrived soon after and took Tyler's son to the hospital. Thanks to a mother's quick thinking and an officer's CPR training, the child is alive and breathing again.

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