Their Flight Was Delayed. So, They Broke Out An Accordion And Partied

November 22, 2017

Canadians made the best of a bad situation Monday night, when a group of them turned a delayed flight into a party.

Passengers had just found out their WestJet flight from Toronto to St. John's was going to be delayed. So, Sheldon Thornhill thought it would be a good time to bring out his accordion, and fellow musician Sean Sullivan opened his guitar case to ramp up the fun.

The next thing you know, people are singing and dancing and having a wonderful time.

The WestJet captain was even singing along, Sullivan said, adding that most people seemed to appreciate the entertainment after hours of travel.

Michelle Sacrey Philpott recorded several videos and posted them on Facebook. By the time her flight landed in St. John's, they had been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

Check out the videos below:

"Capelin Time" - The Dunne Family
(At two minutes in a young boy steals the show)

"Music And Friends" - Simani

"Ring of Fire" - Johnny Cash

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